Anker SoundCore Q35 ANC headset


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54890 Ft

Gold Sound Standard: Custom Silk Diaphragm drivers accurately play music over a wider frequency range and cut out distortion to provide Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless-certified sound.

LDAC technology: 3 times more data is transferred to Life Q35 headphones with active noise cancellation than via standard Bluetooth codecs. This lossless transmission ensures that you hear every smallest detail in the music.

Multi-mode noise cancellation: 2 microphones on each headset detect and filter out annoying sounds near you. Switch between Transport, Outdoor and Indoor modes for a customized noise cancellation experience.

Comfortable and convenient: the Life Q35 active noise canceling headphones can be worn all day thanks to their lightweight construction and padded earbuds and a memory foam headband. The built-in sensor detects when they are removed from the ears and immediately stops the sound.

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Calls: The Life Q35's active-noise-canceling headset microphones capture your voice with incredible accuracy using a thousand-times-tested AI algorithm. Calls sound sharp, clear and without unwanted noise.

Multi-level noise cancellation from the surroundings!

Lossless audio transmission

The Life Q35 headset supports LDAC technology, which transfers 3 × more data than other Bluetooth codecs. The use of LDAC ensures that even the smallest details in a song can be preserved.

High quality sound

The 40mm silk diaphragm drivers in the Life Q35 produce accurate sound with a wide frequency range. This high quality sound means you’ll always enjoy the best sound - whether you’re listening in wireless or wired mode.

Targeted noise cancellation

Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor modes are customized to block the most annoying sounds in these environments for a more accurate noise cancellation experience.

Tap to talk

Switch to transparency mode immediately, when you need to talk to someone or be more aware of your surroundings.

NFC pairing

Tap the Android phone on the left handset to connect immediately via an NFC connection.

Pair with 2 devices

Easily switch between music, online meetings, videos and calls on 2 different devices.

40-hour playback time

Listen all day without worrying about running out of batteries. Fast 5-minute charging gives you 4 hours of listening time.

Personalized experience

Use the Soundcore app to adjust your EQ settings or choose from 22 presets. Adjust the white noise sound coverage to relax and switch between noise cancellation modes.

Ready to travel

Life Q35 headphones should be protected in a compact travel case. An airplane adapter is included to ensure you can have fun while traveling.
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